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  • What is bookkeeping?
    Simply put, bookkeeping is “the process of recording, analysing and interpreting the financial transactions of a business or individual.” A good bookkeeper can be a huge asset to your business as they have the knowledge, experience and passion to manage your records accurately. Most importantly, they provide you with an important insight into your business’ operations and profitability.
  • Can bookkeeping be done remotely?
    Of course! I use a cloud based bookkeeping system (Xero) so you can have access to your books on any device, anywhere, at any time. Xero also allows you to take photos of your receipts using it's receipt scanner and they are uploaded directly to Xero - no more keeping boxes of receipts!
  • Who are your typical clients?
    I work with mostly small business owners including (but certainly not limited to!): Business coaches Creatives Photographers Social media marketers Web designers Virtual assistants
  • Are you a certified bookkeeper?
    I have six years experience working in bookkeeping and am also Xero Advisor Certified. I am in the process of doing an Accounting course to become qualified to do BAS statements.
  • Can a bookkeeper do payroll?
    Of course! My payroll services cover everything from setting up STP (Single Touch Payroll) to superannuation. I offer two different payroll packages depending on the number of your employees.
  • I already have an accountant for my business, do I also need a bookkeeper?
    Accountants and bookkeepers are both finance professionals but have different specialties and objectives. Your accountant ensures that your tax returns are filed accurately and according to tax laws, while your bookkeeper ensures that the numbers he/she is reporting are accurate. Looking at your numbers monthly instead of just at tax time is a game changer!

Frequently Asked Questions

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