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If you've tried to DIY your books and feel stressed out and behind then this is for you.

Browse my collection of resources such as the bookkeeping checklist, Canva templates, and more so that you can take care of your business and finances stress-free. 

Resources 1
Bookkeeping checklist



A free checklist to keep you on track and create stress free finances for your business. Weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly tasks you should be tackling as a business owner to ensure your books are up to date! 

Canva templates

Bookkeeping Canva Templates


50 pre-made Canva templates for bookkeepers. Content is specifically for bookkeepers but designs can be used for any genre! 


✔︎   Q&A templates
✔︎   Reminders/notifications
✔︎   Client testimonials
✔︎   Lists/tips
✔︎   New blog post announcements 
✔︎   Charts/graphs
✔︎   And more!

Resources 2
Income & expenses tracker

Income & Expenses Tracker

A basic guide to help keep track of your income and expenses when you are not yet using accounting software. Comes in google sheets format. 

What is inside this FREE (and super easy) spreadsheet?

✔︎   you can quickly track your income and         


✔︎   a profit and loss generated for you

✔︎   simple pages to follow to help you know the

      important info

Services & pricing guide

Services &
Pricing Guide

A more in depth overview of the business and the services that I have to offer you. 


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